The Pike

Location: Seattle, Washington
Reviewed: Aug 22, 2000 by Nate
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

On our recent visit to Seattle, Cori and I got to stop at a number of breweries in the area. It seems that Seattle is blessed with being the home to Redhook, Pyramid, The Pike, and many other delicious breweries.

The Pike was a really interesting place because it spanned several levels along the Seattle waterfront Pike Place Market. Just below street level was the actual restaurant where we ate, and then the brewery actually extended below us for several levels. We sat at one of those high-up tables by a window, where we could see out towards the bay.

The food was really good, as was the beer. I had a ridiculously hoppy IPA, followed by a smooth Pale. Both were very yummy - much better than the bottled versions. For dinner I had this crazy "pub burger" that was composed of a totally mishaped piece of meat and was delicious.

It was a fun place to go for dinner. I didn't get to tour the brewery, but again there was a big glass wall there so you could see lots of the brewing equipment from the restaurant. Cori and I had fun; it was one of our last nights in Seattle and a great way to end the trip.

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