Pyramid Brew Co.

Location: Seattle, California
Reviewed: Aug 22, 2000 by Nate
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

This was cool, though not nearly as cool as Redhook Woodinville.

The biggest downside was the bad trip we got when we first arrived. I was all excited because Cori and I were on the last day of our vacation, but the tour guide claimed to have a full tour already (despite the fact that we had called ahead and they said "no problem"!), so said we were SOL and couldn't take the tour (the last one of the day). I was pissed, obviously.

But I'm pushy when I need to be, so we forced ourselves onto the tour, despite their best efforts to stop us. Once on the tour, it was actually quite good. However, the guide did take a couple swings at Redhook for being partnered with Budweiser, but I guess that's natural since they're in sharp competition.

Anyways, he did a good job of explaining the origin of Pyramid and Thomas Kemper, which was actually interesting. It turns out that Hart Brewing was the parent company of both Pyramid and Thomas Kemper. After the Pyramid name got big, however, in 1997 Hart went away and instead Pyramid became the main company, with Thomas Kemper a subsidiary.

He then launched into a tutorial of how beer was made, the differences between lagers and ales, etc. (For those who aren't clear on this, check out our links for sites that specialize in brewing tips and terms.) Like Redhook Seattle, it turns out that this was the original brewery but is no longer a main center of production. Pyramid Berkeley now does 70% of Pyramid's production, with the remaining 30% coming from Pyramid Seattle.

The physical part of the tour actually pretty much blew, because the brewery was small and cramped (the pictures show the complete expanse of the brewery). The coolest part was actually talking to the bartender waiting for the tour. I found out that Pyramid might be opening a brewery in San Diego, which would be awesome, obviously. At the same time, I got to drink a delicious Broken Rake Fall Seasonal, and a Draught Pale Ale, which I always love but rarely get to drink. The bar selection was huge - I counted 14 different brews, which made Redhook's bar look scroney by comparison. Plus, while drinking my brews I wound up shooting the shit with this other tech guy there visiting on business from Austin, Texas, which was cool.

Dinner was great - Cori and I had a set of buffalo wings, nachos, and pizza which together absolutely kicked our ass. Plus I got to have an Alehouse ESB, again a great beer. Overall, I'd recommend Pyramid Seattle for dinner or a few beers, but don't break your neck for the tour. If you're into Pyramid, visit Pyramid Berkeley instead.

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