Portland Brewery

Location: Portland, Oregon
Reviewed: Aug 09, 2000 by Nate
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

Up in Oregon on business, I managed to convince my boss Steve to stop by the Portland Brewing Company for dinner. Portland overall is a beautiful place, by the way. There are these strange, tall green things that you don't see in San Diego. I believe the natives call them "trees".

The place is really nice, and new. Inside the front door on the left are some of their main vats, which are actively used for brewing. That's a neat touch, reminicent of the glass wall separating the restaurant and brewery in the Berkeley Pyramid Brewery. The restaurant was modest in size, but had a nice outdoor seating area.

Anyways, Steve and I sat in the back and grabbed a beer. I had the MacTarnahan's, Woodstock IPA, and also their Octoberfest specialty brew. They were all good, although the MacTarnahan's tasted just like it does out of a bottle. While I guess this is good because it shows you're getting a consistent beer, it was a little disappointing because usually beer is better on tap.

We had some dinner, which was lackluster. It was ok, but the menu was a little weird (lots of seafood), so we ended up eating lots of little appetizers. But the atmosphere was cool - lots of people chillin' having fun, so it was a good time overall.

The coolest part by far was that the manager detected I was really into beer, and on my way out she stopped me and said, "Hey, you wanna check out in back?" To which I replied, "Hell, yeah, I wanna check out the brewing shit!" So she let me wander through the back, check out the computer-controlled vats and all the machinery, and take up-close pictures of all of it. It was really cool, and worth the visit. Steve, of course, thought I was a complete nut running around and taking pictures of a brewery, but oh well. :-)

Overall, a good time. If you're in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by.

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