Lagunitas Brewery

Location: Petaluma, California
Reviewed: Aug 03, 2001 by Nate
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

I don't know how else to say it: the Lagunitas Brewery guys are a bunch of pimps.

To give everyone a little background, a while ago we got an email from Tony Magee, the owner and label designer for Lagunitas, complimenting us on the site. After we exchanged some more emails, he followed up by offering to host a little party for us and some of our friends because he liked BrewLabels.Net so much. We were like "Hell, yeah!" so we all set out for Marin County to meet up and head to Lagunitas.

As you all know, Corey is a huge Lagunitas fan, so expectations were high. Unfortunately, we got a little lost and so were late and almost missed the guys there to greet us. Luckily we didn't, though, especially since Nate had flown all the way up from San Diego just for this!

The first guy we met was Coley, who was really cool and gave us a brief introduction ("What's up. Beer's over there."). He told us a little about their new beer, The Kronik, which is a double-Octoberfest. No, that's not a typo. They actually gave us a case (!) of it to take home and try. Have we mentioned how much we love running this website?

Anyways, Coley pointed us to Jason (aka "Siefert Plimpton"), who is the head brewmaster for Lagunitas. Jason gave us a tour of the brewery, showing us the process that they use. There were a couple things that stood out. First, their capacity is about 30,000 barrels a year, which is a good amount for a smaller microbrew. Jason leads all of the brewing, and they do 3 batches a day, one of which is always their delicious flagship IPA. They force-carbonate all of their beers, since this is quicker and also helps the beers last longer on the shelves.

After the tour, Jason said "You guys can just hang out and drink if you want." So guess what: We did. For a while. About two hours later we rolled out and headed back down for dinner at Moylan's Brewery in Novato. (And yes, we did have designated drivers!)

It was definitely an awesome time. Oh, and drinking the IPA on tap directly at the brewery was an experience to remember. It is oh so tasty.

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