Karl Strauss

Location: San Diego, California
Reviewed: by Nate
Rating: 3.75 / 5.0

I've been to Karl Strauss more times than I can easily count, so this is less of a trip report and more of an overview.

There are a couple Karl Strauss breweris in San Diego; the nicest one, in my opinion, is the one located in downtown La Jolla. It's a nice, new facility with delicious food and nice people. They have $1 beers on Wednesdays, which is always a treat (but often severely overcrowded).

Whenever I've been, the food has always been great. They've got a number of beers which are all fine, but all taste like German pilsners to me (which is probably because they are). Actually, though, their beers are much better on tap than in the bottle, as are most German and English beers.

Definitely recommended if you want good food and drink. The only downside is the beers are nowhere near in the same league as the Redhook, Pyramid, and other microbrews.

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