A Treatise on How to Remove the Beer Label from the Bottle

One of the most frequent questions we get is, "How do you remove the beer label from the bottle?" The best way I've found is to soak the bottle in a cooler full of ice water for several hours... overnight, sometimes longer. A lot of them will just slide right off, others take some gentle peeling. Some of them, you'll just never get them off without damaging them.

If you've only got one bottle, and really like the label, my suggestion is to not even try to remove it, because they often get fucked up in the process. If you've got two bottles, sacrifice one to the cooler, and if it doesn't come off easy or in good shape, then at least you've got the second one still in good shape on the bottle.

Another option is to contact the breweries directly. Some of them are cool, and will just send you out some never-stuck-on-the-bottle labels for free, but most will just ask you to send them a self-addressed-stamped-envelope (which I'm usually too lazy to do). Some of them sell labels sets in their website gift-shop section... but they're usually overpriced... or at least they charge way too much for shipping a few small pieces of paper.

Another suggestion if you try taking them off in a cooler: once you get them off of the bottle, put them in the middle of a folded paper towel, and then place them on a flat surface under a large stack of books until they dry. This will prevent them from curling up on themselves or developing wrinkles.

Good luck.