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Brewery Info - San Miguel Corp.
FounderDon Enrique Ma. Barretto de Ycaza
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San Miguel beer is just standard lager beer, not that trilling, but one thing they've got going for them: their light beer is still 5% alc/vol! Most light beers sacrifice alcohol along with flavor. San Mig light is still pretty tasty, for a lager beer, and with 5% abv, it is highly recommended, if you must drink a light beer.

San Miguel Corp. Six-Packs (click to enlarge)

San Miguel Corp. Red Horse Malt Liquor beer label
Red Horse Malt Liquor
San Miguel Corp. San Mig Light beer label
San Mig Light
San Miguel Corp. San Miguel Dark Lager beer label
San Miguel Dark Lager
San Miguel Corp. San Miguel Premium Lager beer label
San Miguel Premium Lager