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Brewery Info - Drake's Brewing
Address1933 Davis Street #177
CitySan Leandro
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We like Drake's. They brew some fine beers. Their IPA is great, and their Expedition Ale, an India Dark Ale style brew available seasonally, is also super tasty. The Imperial Stout and Scotch Ale were also damn good.

Drake's Brewing Bottles (click to enlarge)

Drake's Brewing Drake's 15th Anniversary Ale beer label
Drake's 15th Anniversary Ale
11% abv
Drake's Brewing Drake's Belgian Ale beer label
Drake's Belgian Ale
Their 1000th brew.
Drake's Brewing Drake's Imperial Stout beer label
Drake's Imperial Stout
8.75% abv.
Drake's Brewing Drake's Jolly Rodger Scotch Ale beer label
Drake's Jolly Rodger Scotch Ale

Drake's Brewing Six-Packs (click to enlarge)

Drake's Brewing Drake's Amber Ale beer label
Drake's Amber Ale
6.8% abv
Drake's Brewing Drake's Blonde Ale beer label
Drake's Blonde Ale
4.8% abv
Drake's Brewing Drake's Expedition Ale beer label
Drake's Expedition Ale
6.5% abv
Drake's Brewing Drake's Gold Medal IPA beer label
Drake's Gold Medal IPA
7.0% abv.
Drake's Brewing Drake's Hefe-Weizen beer label
Drake's Hefe-Weizen
Drake's Brewing Drake's IPA beer label
Drake's IPA
Drake's Brewing Drake's Zatec Pilsner beer label
Drake's Zatec Pilsner
4.8% abv.