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Address1634 18th St.
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Wynkoop used to bottle their beer, but apparently they've slacked off the past few years. All of the six-packs displayed below are from the 90's. Corey stopped by the brewery when he was in Denver for the 2004 Great American Beer Festival, and they weren't bottling any more, except for their 4000th brew of Railyard Ale, which Corey was lucky enough to pick up. But other than that, they're pretty boring unless you're local. But we recommend the beer if you're in the area.

Wynkoop Brewing Bottles (click to enlarge)

Wynkoop Brewing Railyard Ale 4000 beer label
Railyard Ale 4000

Wynkoop Brewing Six-Packs (click to enlarge)

Wynkoop Brewing Light Rail Ale, Side 1 beer label
Light Rail Ale
Side 1
Wynkoop Brewing Light Rail Ale, Side 2 beer label
Light Rail Ale
Side 2
Wynkoop Brewing Railyard Ale beer label
Railyard Ale
Wynkoop Brewing Solstice Summer Ale beer label
Solstice Summer Ale
Wynkoop Brewing Solstice Winter Ale beer label
Solstice Winter Ale