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Brewery Info - Uinta Brewing
Address1722 South Fremont Dr.
CitySalt Lake City
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Whooohooo! Finally a beer above 4% abv in Utah! The world is a better place. Uinta's barleywine is a ten-percent'er, and quite tasty to boot. Corey just tried their XI yesterday at the Toronado's 13th Annual Barleywine Fest, and it ranks up there with some of the best barleywines. I think in Utah, you can only buy it in liquor stores, not grocery stores, but hell, get it wherever you can.

Uinta Brewing Bottles (click to enlarge)

Uinta Brewing Tenth Anniversary Barley Wine beer label
Tenth Anniversary Barley Wine
10.0% abv.

Uinta Brewing Six-Packs (click to enlarge)

Uinta Brewing Anniversary Barley Wine beer label
Anniversary Barley Wine
Uinta Brewing Blue Sky Pilsner beer label
Blue Sky Pilsner
4.0% abv.
Uinta Brewing Bristlecone Brown Ale beer label
Bristlecone Brown Ale
Uinta Brewing Cutthroat Pale Ale beer label
Cutthroat Pale Ale
Uinta Brewing Golden Spike Hefeweizen beer label
Golden Spike Hefeweizen
Uinta Brewing India Pale Ale beer label
India Pale Ale
Uinta Brewing King's Peak Porter beer label
King's Peak Porter
Uinta Brewing Uinta Club Pilsener beer label
Uinta Club Pilsener