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Corey says: Don't waste your time on this over-rated German piss-wheat-beer. I had to pay about $14 to get each of these six-pack labels, and the beer is only 2.5% alcohol by volume. What a frickin' waste! Plus, it's just not impressive, and a few of the bottles went totally sour.

Which prompted Chris Black to write: A couple of comments about Berliner Kindl Beer. First, Kindl means small child in German. It is traditionally the first beer given to kids (low alcohol) and is served with a schuss (flavored syrup) of either raspberry (if you are of the kid or female persuasion) or Woodruff (Herbal green). When Adults drink the Beer, it is more of a cafe beer to drink @ lunch, refreshing and light so you can go back to work. And it, like Lambic's across the border, is supposed to be sour.

So hey, we learned something new. It still sucks.

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Berliner Kindl Brauerei Berliner Kindl Weisse beer label
Berliner Kindl Weisse
Berliner Kindl Brauerei Berliner Kindl Weisse Schankbier beer label
Berliner Kindl Weisse Schankbier