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We apologize in advance for forcing you to view these. However, ifwe didn't post them, someone was bound to ask "Hey! What about Heineken, the best brewery ever?"

In all honesty though, with all the macro-brewed American piss-beers out there, sometimes a nice sweet tasty Heineken is the only alternative. Amstel Light, on the other hand, is only 3.5% alc/vol. This is a beer fit for the gutter...One for the homies. Uh, make that six for the homies. I'm gonna go get a real beer.

I got the Tarwebok label back in my first year of collecting, back in 1995, when I didn't know shit about beer or what any particular style was supposed to taste like, so I barely remember the flavor, but my buddy, Patrick, tried it in Amsterdam a few months back and loved it. He's been searching for it in the States ever since, but to no avail.

Heineken Brouwerijen Six-Packs (click to enlarge)

Heineken Brouwerijen Amstel Light beer label
Amstel Light
Heineken Brouwerijen Amstel Light 2 beer label
Amstel Light 2
Heineken Brouwerijen Amstel Light 3 beer label
Amstel Light 3
Heineken Brouwerijen Heineken beer label
Heineken Brouwerijen Heineken 2 beer label
Heineken 2
Heineken Brouwerijen Heineken Dark Lager beer label
Heineken Dark Lager
Heineken Brouwerijen Heineken Premium Light Lager Beer beer label
Heineken Premium Light Lager Beer
Heineken Brouwerijen Heineken Special Dark beer label
Heineken Special Dark
Heineken Brouwerijen Heineken Tarwebok Wheat Bock beer label
Heineken Tarwebok Wheat Bock