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BrewmasterEd Edsten
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From what I've been able to find on the internet, these fine beers were the creation of Ed Edsten of the Davis, CA area. Brewed in very small batches, he actually hand delivered his brews to select bay area locations. I also read that Ed is no longer brewing, at least commercially. Bummer. My friend Benji stumbled across these two bottles in San Francisco, back in August of 2001. I ended up aging them for about a year, but they were still lively as hell. The white was probably the best I've ever had; extremely sweet, spicy and fruity. And the Double-Plus was like a mellow, belgainy barleywine. Extremely tasty. Edsten also brewed a Triple, which I never managed to get my hands on, but I hear it was super-tasty. A semi-decent picture of it can be found at

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Edsten Brewing Edsten Double-Plus beer label
Edsten Double-Plus
Edsten Brewing Edsten White beer label
Edsten White