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A visitor name Gaya sent me this story to post on the site:

Some friends and I arrived by train to the large brewery that distributes to the Osaka region. We watched a 20 minute movie on the locations, the brew process, and Asahi beer in the Japanese market and worldwide. It was quite a production. The movie theatre capacity was about 100 people.

We proceeded to the hops, barley and grain samples where we could use our hands to sift through the various grains. Next was a tunnel of beer cans from around the world, from Harley Davidson Budweiser cans, to classic Asahi beer labels on old cans and bottles. The tunnel is about 10m long and boasts quite a collection.

Next, we stepped into a beer molecule room, with lifesize replications of the structure of beer. For all you scientists out there, you would have jizzed right there. After that wonderful experience, we steppped into the viewing overpass where you can view the vats, brewers working hard, and gaze at the vats during their mixing and fermentation process.

Last was the best part of the tour, the tasting room! I tried the Asahi Dark, which had a full bodied flavor, with a rich aftertaste. They had snacks to go with the 2 pints allotted to each person. I also tried the classic light asahi that most countries have. Overall, a great tour to start of your afternoon with a nice buzz at no charge to you or your buzzy friends.

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Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Asahi Beer beer label
Asahi Beer
Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Asahi Beer, Brewmaster's Select beer label
Asahi Beer
Brewmaster's Select
Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Asahi Kuronama Black beer label
Asahi Kuronama Black
Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Asahi Super Dry beer label
Asahi Super Dry