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Phone01234 272766
AddressHavelock Street
ZipcodeMK40 4LU
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My sister (Corey's) spent a couple years in the Peace Corp, in Burkina Faso, Africa. Against all common-sense, I went to visit her for three weeks, before I went on a two-and-a-half-month tour of Europe, and of course, I suffered greatly...aweful bacteria, tasty food was hard to come by, and I was depriving myself of beer for health's sake...but anyway, as soon as I got to back to France, I found my hostel, and then I found my bar. Bombadier was orgazmic! Fuckin' fantastic! Oh golly, I still dream of it to this day! Oh sooooooooo good. I haven't seen it in the States since about '95 or '96, but my taste buds had never experienced such pleasure. I highly recommend it.

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Charles Wells Bombardier English Premium Ale beer label
Bombardier English Premium Ale
5.5% abv.

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Charles Wells Bombardier Ale beer label
Bombardier Ale
Charles Wells Dragoon Pale Ale beer label
Dragoon Pale Ale