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When I first purchased Xingu Black Beer in a 22oz. bottle a couple years ago, the brewer was listed on the label as Cervejaria Colonia. However, when I found it in a six-pack a couple days ago (July 2002), the brewer was listed on the carton, and on the bottle label, as Cervejaria Kaiser Brasil. The Amazon Beer website doesn't mention either of these cervejarias.

Someone was kind enough to email us the following info: "Xingu was originally produced by Cervejaria Caçador, which I don't believe exists any longer. The brand was taken over by Colônia in Toledo, PR, but was sold in late 2001 to Kaiser. For other than their flagship brands Kaiser list themselves as CKBR (for Cervejarias Kaiser Brasil)."

The Palma Louca was pretty good, as lagers go. Washes down hot sauce pretty good, and very pleasurable on a hot summer day....but that's about as much as I can say for any lager. But I did like this one, so if you're a piss-beer lover, maybe you'll find some pleasure in it too.

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Cervejaria Kaiser Brasil Palma Louca Wild Palm Lager Beer beer label
Palma Louca Wild Palm Lager Beer
An exceptional lager.
Cervejaria Kaiser Brasil Xingu Black Beer beer label
Xingu Black Beer