If you're just looking for our email address, send us your questions, comments, and suggestions. In general, we like to hear how much people like our site, or recommendations of yummy brews to try. We don't like hearing stuff like "How could you diss Foster's and not include them?", although we do find it rather funny.

In case you're even mildly interested in who's on the other side of this website, here's a picture of us from 1998: Two Drunks

Like many college students, we started down the Wrong Path of crappy piss beers and frat parties. Then, sometime around sophomore year, Corey enlightened Nate on what he had discovered: yummy microbrews. It was all over. Out with the Bud, Ol' E, and Cobra, and in with deliciousness. We had yearly barleywine fests, beer tasting competitions, and year-round yumminess.

We've grown up a little since our college years at UCSD, but not much. Nate now works as a Ruby on Rails hacker for Playstation Online Games, and Corey works for Outback Equipment selling surplus tech equipment via eBay. The internet is a wonderful thing.

Nate wrote this entire site in Perl, all by himself. Unless you count beer as a helper. Corey has, of course, provided all the key content (you know, the labels). Which brings up the point that if a couple drunken fools can put together a completely dynamic website, why do lots of companies' websites suck so bad? Maybe they need to drink more yummy beer.

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